WINE OF THE WEEK:  It is seductive, succulent, grapefruit, pear and melon fruit with an innuendo of sweet basil.  It is mouthwatering, with explicit and frisky acidity.  Enjoy with oysters.
            Rebecca Murphy, Dallas News, September 2012

Top 10 wines for Valentine’s Day.  Blondes have more fun and so will anyone who chooses to share this wine with someone special no matter what their hair color.  A zippy number with grapefruit, lime and pineapple flavors, it will make a fine aperitif to awaken the palate.  Or serve with faintly spicy Asian dishes for an aphrodisiac to remember.
            Gayot, Jan. 2012

And then along came Sauvignon Blonde.  Not quite on the wit plateau of Marilyn Merlot, not out of the whimsicality ballpark, but a ground-rule double.  The wine, however, in its third vintage (’10) is a grand slam.  Sourced from Yountville fruit, it shows all the multi-tiered versality of sauvignon blanc …aromatics are a sumptuous blend of tropical and citrus, with guava and grapefruit leading the charge.  Firm acidity braces up the body, and there is a nice steeliness and a lingering minerality that indicates a maturity of the vines.
The name becomes an instant afterthought; the long, almost silky finish, with notes of marzipan and kiwi fruit.
            Chris Kassel's, intoxreport.com/2011/08/30

Opens with grass, lemon, lime peel and sweet herb on the nose.  All continues as smooth textured flavors and finish long, narrow at the front and broad at the back.  Light fresh, well put together.
            Harold Baer, Tasting Notes, June 2011

85 RATING BY CONNOISSEURS GUIDE:  Cute title;  not so cute wine.  If you are into fun while drinking, this clean, fresh and light edition finds enough grassy character to validate its varietal name while showing a bit of flesh to the slightly round flavors…
            Connoisseurs' Guide, August 2010