1997 Marilyn Merlot 1.5L Etched
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1997 Marilyn Merlot 1.5L Etched

Continuing the collectible series that premiered in 1985, the 1997 Marilyn Merlot features a stunning portrait of Marilyn taken in 1957 during her final photo session with Milton Greene. Greene's photograph captures Marilyn as her most whimsical, yet sensuous, self. 

The Financial Mail said, "in the U.S. consider the name of the top-selling California red:  Marilyn Merlot.  Featuring the famous actress with her face half-covered by a red chiffon veil and wearing little else...it is a blend of 85% Merlot and 15% of Cabernet Franc  grown in the Napa Valley.  Though gentlement are suppose to prefer blondes, currnet U.S. figures indicate red..."

Each bottle is carefully masked, hand etched and hand painted, resulting in a truly unique work of art on this 1.5 Liter bottle of 1997 Marilyn Merlot.

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