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Blonde de Noirs, Cuvee Seven


Blonde de Noirs (Cuvee Seven) is a very limited release of a North Coast Appellation sparkling wine blended from 81% Pinot and 19% Chardonnay.  The dosage was 1.15%

Marilyn’s favorite drink was sparkling wine and there is a persistent story/urban legend that she once took a bath in 350 bottles of sparkling wine.


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The photograph used on this label is from Milton H. Greene’s Red Sitting series of photographs taken in January 1957 for LIFE magazine.  This image is Marilyn at her most whimsical, yet sensuous, self.  This sitting of Marilyn wearing a fiery red dress against a black background would be their last session together.


Consume this glamour in a bottle, show it off in your collection, and give it as a gift.