$6 Shipping


We would love to offer you free shipping on our wines. We really would and we've been trying to figure out how we could it.  But the state of California (the state in which we do business) has declared that giving anything away anything for free with the purchase of alcohol – even shipping – is illegal. So we're giving you the next best thing $6.00 Shipping on any 6 bottle order or more of any Marilyn Wines.

Just purchase any 6 or more bottles of wine from Marilyn Wines and ground shipping will cost you only $6.00. Whether it is at least 6 750ml bottles of the same wine or more, or at least 6 750ml bottles or more of completely different wines, or any combination between, your ground shipping on those bottles will run you just $6.00. 

We believe in bringing you the absolute best boutique wines from California. And we think $6.00 Ground Shipping* is the best way to get these wines in your hands. 

* $6.00 ground shipping is not available on any specially-priced, discounted, or marked-down items. $6.00 ground shipping is available only in the contiguous 48 United States to which Marilyn Wines can legally ship wine. $6.00 ground shipping not available in any state where it is not legal for Marilyn Wines to ship.   $6.00 Shipping does not apply to magnums or other large bottles.